Camping with a little coeliac – our tips!

We went camping for the first time last Summer as a family with a little coeliac and it was so much fun!  Before we left though, it was all a bit hectic trying to find meals to take with us that were gluten free.  I also realised that it had to be an entirely gluten free trip, as there are no separate surfaces to use in a tent and it’s often rather windy meaning contamination risks are higher!  When camping, you also ned to have just one or two things cooking at one time.  However, we managed it so successfully that we were instantly looking forward to our next camping trip.

Here are some of our selection of foods that we had during our time in the tent.

Breakfasts  – Cereals, Crisp breads with salami humous and pate/soft cheese, fruit, sausage bacon, black pudding beans and egg fry up or ………………..pancakes!


Main meals – pasta and sauce/Bolognese and salad, chilli con carne, savoury pancakes, chicken curry and boil in the bag rice, sweet and sour chicken and rice, spanish omelette hotdogs and gf rolls or BBQ.

IMG_2036          IMG_2156Puddings were much easier and highly calorific due to the amount of exercise we were doing each day….these millionaire shortbreads dipped in custard hit the spot though!



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