Morrisons – new and improved Free From range!

Our friends at Morrisons gave us some amazing news yesterday!

They now have loads more of their own, very affordable free from products including loads more for kids!!  That’s 70 of their own products now in stores.  Curly fries (only £1), hash browns (only £1), kids cereals and ice creams were just some of the new products mentioned.

Here’s a few of the samples that we were lucky enough to try……

Morrisons can now have 444 Free From products available, which is a huge increase from 2016.  40 of their stores now have the dedicated space, which offers store cupboard, chilled and frozen goods in the one Free From area.  They are hoping to increase this across 100 stores within 2017.  My little coeliac loves this, as she knows that she can eat whatever she chooses from this area – it’s so refreshing and makes a huge difference to families.  It’s also much easier to find their Free From range in store now,  with their green triangular logo and it’s a lot more appealing.

In their main store, they are trialling a Free From fresh pizza counter, where staff have been trained up and accredited by the Coeliac Society.  These pizzas are currently priced similarly to the non-free from range at only £2.60 per pizza!!  I really hope they bring this out across more stores, as it sounds absolutely amazing!  You could so easily feed the whole family free from pizzas without spending a fortune… parties, here we come!

Morrisons, we give you a huge thumbs up and well done………we’re off to our local one right now to stock up on goodies.

Lydia and Mia x

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