Morrisons are shining in the ‘Free From’ world

During Coeliac awareness week, last week, Mia was kindly invited to a tea party at Morrisons.  It was an amazing opportunity for My Little Coeliac to hear about Morrisons‘ Free From journey and their future plans….as well as eat our body weight in delicious gluten free goodies!
IMG_0152Morrisons now have more Free From products than ever before.  They have gone from having only 2 shelving compartments within their largest shops, to now having a whopping 9.  This is because their range of Free From products now exceeds 260!  Not only that, but they are aiming to have a specific Free From fridge and freezer section across many of their stores, to be located next to the Free From aisle.  We visited their newest store in Colindale, London.  The Free From section was so clearly advertised and easy to find from the entrance, which is what they are aiming to achieve across their stores.  It was so stress free and easy to shop there, I really wish all supermarkets would follow Morrisons‘ lead.

The other refreshing find was that their Free From buyer, Stef Downey, was actually there in person, chatting to us and asking for our opinions on products.  Her passion for finding the best products for her customers was clearly of huge importance for her and Morrisons.  Amazingly, My Little Coeliac was able to have a voice!

IMG_0154Within Morrisons, there are lots of easy ready-meals available now aimed at our little coeliacs, a vast range of cereals, treat items and many more.  However, My Little Coeliac have asked if we could see more party snack/lunch box ideas on their shelves in future, as this is our most challenging food issue.  Stef had already told us that there are areas that they are continuing to improve on and extending the Free From range to suit children is already on her list, which is wonderful news.

Watch this space as My Little Coeliac have been asked to be involved again with Morrisons in the future….exciting times!!
Morrisons also sent My Little Coeliac a huge selection of goodies, in order for us to create some yummy meals, which we will uploading onto the blog soon.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the prices of their market place fruit and veg, as well as their own brand of Free From treats.  It is most definitely our main supermarket of choice now.

IMG_0140.JPGMy Little Coeliac have given Morrisons a huge thumbs up for making life easier when it comes to catering for our little coeliacs safely.  Their prices are so good and the range of food is like no other supermarket.

Morrisons, we thank you so very much.

Mia and Lydia xox





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