Easy Easter baking

Easter is upon us! It has come around very quickly in our house and we have been somewhat unprepared, but we managed to make some advice treats that gave us a giggle.  My children really enjoy themed food, so we looked in the cupboards and found a pizza mix.  We decided that we should shape our pizza into an Easter bunny shape!  It was so simple and we used a pizza base mix, which took just a few minutes. We added mozzarella, olives and veg for the face.  Once cooked, it was demolished in seconds!


Their cakes later in the day obviously also had to follow the Easter theme, so we made our usual cupcakes and they decorated them with butter icing, marshmallows, raisins and inedible wooden sticks to add effect for whiskers!  They had great fun making them and of course eating them too.


Easter should be fun and there is no reason why our little Coeliacs should miss out on the yummy things.

Happy Easter!

From Mia and Mummy X

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