Nairn’s Gluten Free Oatcakes – Review

Nairn’s very kindly sent Mia some of the oatcakes, from their gluten free range, for her to try.  Mia has always been a bit fussy about what crackers or bread she has, so I was a bit sceptical and thought they were more of an adult food.  However, Mia absolutely loved them, especially the cheese ones. She has them all the time now for lunches, snacks and has even had them at breakfast time!!

Mia’s favourite toppings are smoked salmon trimmings mixed with soft cheese or pate.  You literally could put anything on them though from ham and cheese to chocolate spread! They stayed fresh for ages and were excellent to include in packed lunches.  A few oatcakes were actually a lot more filling than the usual crispbreads too.


I wouldn’thave thought to buy these for a child, but in fact, they are exactly what my Mia enjoys!  If your child is able to eat gluten free oats, then I hope your little coeliac likes them too.  Thank you Nairn’s for creating such a super gluten free range.


Mia and Lydia xx


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