Heck ‘Fair and Square’ Sausage – Review

imageWe have very kindly been asked by the wonderful Heck to try some of their products and write a review from a Mummy and Mia point of view……..so here is our first one!


Today we made some scotch eggs, which we called ‘By Heck it’s Nanny’s Scotch Eggs!’, as it’s one of Mia’s favourite picnic snacks.  She hasn’t had them very often since becoming gluten free, so we thought we’d have a go and see how they worked.  I hadn’t fancied making them before, as I thought it’d be too fiddly trying to ooze sausage meat out of already made sausages.  However, Heck’s ‘Fair and Square’ is perfect for this as it comes in a sort of block of meat.  It’s really tasty and just so easy to shape and manipulate.  We have also used it to make sausage rolls and it’s always quick and easy to use. I haven’t come across any other gluten free product like it and it’s opened up loads of different foods for Mia to try and recipes for us to use. Any time Mia tries any food with this sausage in it, she wolfs it down and then asks for more. Thank you Heck! X

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