To Flu Jab or not to Flu Jab?!

Mia is in Year 2 at school and she came home yesterday with a note from the local NHS school nursing team asking if we wanted her to have the Flu jab.  Having only heard bad things from family members about receiving the jab, (such as getting full-blown Flu straight after the vaccine!) I just don’t know whether I want to put my 6 year old through it.  I still feel that Mia’s immune system is compromised and not back to full working order (despite having been gluten free for approx. 18 months now).  When she gets a cold, it does tend to linger longer than the rest of us.  She also seems to pick up colds and bugs that don’t even affect us.  So do I want to give her the vaccine, which may trigger full-blown Flu from simply having the vaccine? Clearly on a positive note, she may have no reaction to the vaccine and not develop the Flu later on, but do we risk it?  This was my dilemma last night, which is clearly ongoing today lol!

My other reaction to this was sheer panic of not knowing what the ingredients of the jab are and not knowing whether it was safe for her from a gluten point of view.  Something that I never imagined would need to be considered when we first got her diagnosis.  It does not affect just food, it goes so much further beyond.  There is a clear warning for egg allergy sufferers, but not for Coeliacs, which is perhaps promising.  However, having looked up the ingredients, there is a certain ‘monosodium glutamate monohydrate’ that sounds dubious.  Called me paranoid, a hypochondriac, neurotic, as I am all of those, but perhaps this is just being sensitively cautious for all the right reasons!

A google search of ‘monosodium glutamate monohydrate’ simply tells you that sometimes ‘monosodium glutamate’ can contain gluten!!!!!!  Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Maybe I wasn’t so bonkers after all.  I got straight on the phone to the Immunisation School Nursing Team, who reported that this is the first time they have offered the Flu Vaccine in schools and they don’t have an answer for me.  It was suggested that I contacted the GP surgery, as they had been dealing with the jab and the potential query for a lot longer.  I am now playing the waiting game for the GP surgery to return my call to give me an answer…………as soon as I know the answer, I will let you know.  In the meantime, if anyone does have an answer for me then do put me out of the dilemma, many thanks x

One thought on “To Flu Jab or not to Flu Jab?!

  1. Today I was contacted twice by the Doctor’s Surgery and they confirmed that the nasal vaccine (and not the jab as I kept referring to it) is safe for Coeilacs. After having heard lots of opinions about the side effects being mainly positive (thank you all for your input) we are probably going to let Mia have it. Note the ‘probably’ as I am still pondering……..oh to have a crystal ball! X


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